Artful Gifts!
 Consider a handmade
Eco Flower & Artisan Vase
  for that Special Day!

Flower Patch Garden
Yellow, Cream, Brown Poppy in Red/Green Artisan Vase
Blue Flower Patch in Brown/Purple Artisan Vase
Pink & White Flower Patch in Mauve/Teal Artisan Vase
Cream & Green Poppy in Green/Mauve Artisan Vase
3 Magnolias in Ruffled Clear Vase with Clear Stones
Cream/Red/Pink Poppy with Bee in Green/Brown Artisan Vase
Cream, Yellow, Orange Peony in Orange/Green Artisan Vase
White & Yellow Flower Patch in Teal/Green Artisan Vase
Yellow & Green Peony in Red/Green/Pink Artisan Vase
3 Magnolias/ in 5.5" Clear Vase with Black Stones
5 Poppies in 12" Clear Vase with Natural Stones
Cream, Beige, Pink Poppy in Teal/Green Artisan Vase
White & Pink Poppy in Red/Green Artisan Vase
Cream & Mauve Poppy in Orange/Green Artisan Vase
Magnolia in Brown/Red Artisan Vase
9 Assorted Peonies & Poppies in Clear Vase with Natural Stones
Yellow/Purple Peony in Red/Green Artisan Vase
6 Peonies Clear Vase
2 Magnolias in 12" Clear Vase/Black Stones
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