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Already There: Reflections on Living While Dying

This series of illustrations is included in the 2016 collection of poetry titled, Already There: Reflections on Living While Dying by Richard Tate
. "Rick" lived with cancer for 15 years, and in stage 4 for almost 5 of those years. During that period he participated in 4 cancer trials and began writing poems about "living with" rather than "dying from" cancer. His poems wrestle with physical limitations, pain, fear, relationships, questioning what's next, and most importantly, the beauty of what is within us and around us right now.

The illustrations are hopeful pieces, teasing out what it means to embrace one's reality: life's journey, its cyclical nature, being one among many, questioning truth and reality, loving and caring along the way.

Prints of all illustrations are available for $35 each, shipping included.