Eco Flowers

are constructed entirely
of recycled materials,
transforming everyday
items into visually
engaging pieces
reinventing natural
beauty. All colors are
original to the materials.
Any flower can become a
wearable for just $10 more
Blue & Yellow Flower Patch
Yellow Poppy with Pink/White
Cream Poppy with Brown
Magnolia with Green
Pink, Red, & Black Flower Patch
Mixed Poppy with Beige/Green
Striped Yellow/Cream Peony
Cream/Red Poppy with Bee
Pink/Red Flower Patch
Blue/Silver Flower Patch
White Lilly
White/Fuscia Peony
Yellow Rose with Leaf Base
Yellow/White Flower Patch
Cream/Yellow/Orange Peony
Assorted Magnolias
Blue Hybrid
Yellow/Red Flower Patch
Yellow Flower Patch
Assorted Poppies
White/Pink/Green Peony
Yellow Lilly
Purple, Pink & Red Flower Patch
Magnolia with Silver
Blooming Sunflower
Mixed Poppy with Green/Pink
White/Yellow/Silver Flower Patch
Blue, Pink & White Flower Patch
Cream Poppy with Mauve
Magnolia with Green
White & Purple Peony
Peach & White Flower Patch
Assorted Peonies & Poppies
Yellow Poppy with Pink/White
Speckled Magnolia
Red & Yellow Flower Patch
Yellow & Black Flower Patch
Assorted Yellow & Cream Roses
White & Blue Peony
Cream Rose with Leaves
Red, White & Silver Flower Patch
White & Orange Peony
Cream/Yellow Poppy with Red
Assorted Lillies
Red, Pink & White Flower Patch
Yellow & White Flower Patch
Assorted Poppies
Magnolia with Green
Yellow Rose with Pink
Green, Red & White Flower Patch
White Glory with Leaves
White Lilly on Leaf Base
Sunflower with Leaves
Pink & Blue Flower Patch
Yellow & Pink Flower Patch
Cream/Yellow Poppy with Brown/Red
Yellow/Cream Poppy with Green/White
Mixed Poppy with Red/Pink
Red & White Flower Patch
Yellow/Cream Peonies with Copper Stems
Yellow Lilly on Clear Base
Yellow Magnolia with Red
Green & Red, Yellow & Black Flower Patch
Pink & Yellow Flower Patch
Dalmation Hybrid
Assorted Peonies & Poppies
Celery Green Sprout
Peach/Yellow Flower Patch
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